Monday, June 15, 2009

It's like the Ninja knows...

So far in this pregnancy, I've noticed one constant. I'll have a symptom or milestone (backackes, movements) and then I'll get an email from "What to Expect" or a Bump email saying "Aching back?" or something. It's like this kiddo is stoked about making me feel most effects of pregnancy...right on time.

Today is no different. The Ninja moves around on a definite schedule. Two of the more normal times are around 9am and 11pm. However, this morning, while on the train around 8:15...the "door closing" signal went off (imagine a loud, ear piercing screech) and then WHAM! - a huge kick that made me jump out of my seat. That's the first time that I can tell that there's been a direct correlation between noise and movement.

I check the blog this morning and my ticker says, "Day 118: Loud noises may startle the baby."


In other news, I'm totally scurred about the drinking 32 ounces of water by 8 am tomorrow and not being able to pee until after the u/s. How in God's name will I avoid pissing in my pants?! HOW?!

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  1. Yes! The sound connection with baby! I've seen it with my other friends who were pregnant. One friend always listened to classical music, and hated loud rock music when she was pregnant. After both of her kids were born, they both LOVE classical music. Not sure about the rock music. All I know is that when the babies were being fussy, she played classical music and they would calm right down. If loud rock music came on the radio, they would scream bloody murder!!! What kind of music are you guys listening to, besides Ozzy on Guitar Hero?? : )