Tuesday, March 31, 2009

8 weeks.

Lack of bloat photo coming soon...

How far along? 8
Total weight gain/loss: - 2. Eating is not working so well lately.
Maternity clothes? Still only wearing lounge pants. The mat shirt looked ridiculous on me.

Stretch marks? No.

Sleep: Getting lame. I wake up a lot, and last week I officially began getting up to pee in the middle of the night.

Best moment this week: Seeing the little smudge on the screen! (smudge is the new nickname, thanks to my auntie Mitzi)

Movement: Nope.

Food cravings:
None, really. I've been feeling pretty sick lately, so nothing sounds good.
Gender: I'm still wishing girl but thinking boy.

Labor Signs:
Belly Button in or out?
What I miss: I still miss feeling normal. This week has been rough.

What I am looking forward to: Hospital tour on Saturday.

Weekly Wisdom:
None, really. I wish I had some regarding a miracle cure for feeling shitty.
Seeing and hearing the heartbeat!

Monday, March 30, 2009

The weekend.

Well, I had pretty much 2.5 days of no computer while I was home visiting my grandma and family...so that is why I've had a lack of updates.

Grandma is not doing well, but she's still talking and bossing people like she is. I kept it together while I was in her hospital room, but promptly lost it once I was clear. There were so many people in the room that I couldn't just spend time with her and tell her how much I love her. I'm planning on writing her a letter in the next couple of days just so I can fully express everything to her before she's gone.

I did tear up a bit when we were saying goodbye - the hubs leaned in to give her a kiss and she just said - "YOU TAKE CARE OF HER! I MEAN IT!" in her usual bossy voice, but she really did mean it. And that's what got me started with the tears.

Anyway, it was my first real experience of being out with people when everyone knew I was pregnant. I have learned that I don't like being the center of attention. Every time people would talk about "the baby" it would just make me incredibly uncomfortable. I'm not quite sure why...I think it really is because it is still early. Everyone is so excited and happy and feeling like the baby is going to change the luck in our family...and I keep thinking - I still have a month before I can let myself really be happy. That sucks.

I also had my first real case of the crabbies. I was so effing crabby Saturday night (I think it was lack of sleep and all the baby talk at dinner) that I nearly killed someone. Also, being sober around a bunch of drunk family members may have had an impact. Regardless, I was so farking tired by the time we got home I was nearly in tears. And I slept for a long, long time.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Back away from Etsy...

I bought two baby blankets yesterday on Etsy.


Good god. This is going to be a long and expensive 9 months. :)

Here they are - each link to the store I bought them from.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Oh happy day!

We started today out with sleeping in a little late, and then heading to the clinic to see the babe. It was not without a scare, but what in my life is?

The u/s tech got me started with the tummy kind, and I was already thinking I was getting the dildocam. So...she starts looking around and then says "How far along do you think you are?" And I'm all "about 7 weeks, though my LMP would have me around 8."

So jerkface says "Oh, you're much much earlier than that. Maybe 5 or 6 weeks AT THE MOST. We'll have to use the internal."

Insert expressionless emotion here.

I was like...."uh, NO. I'm 7 weeks. I know when I ovulated." Then I started to panic and began asking all sorts of questions that she returned with only a confused look and said "We'll know what we have when we see it, mmmkay?"

Insert pissed off emoticon here.

So the hubs is just sitting there all sorts of uncomfortable as the tech lubes up the dildocam and tells me to "insert it into my vagina" (ha) and she begins to measure my ovaries. Uhm, thanks - could you just get to the baby please?

And then, there it was. The babe. And the heartbeat, flickering on the screen. I'm pretty sure I released an audible gasp, and my eyes welled up with tears.

The little bee was measuring 7 weeks, and it's heart was beating away at 143 bpm. Then she focused in on the heart and we got to actually hear it.

It was insane. The fact that my body is supporting two heartbeats completely blows my mind.

She was nothing but kind after this point. (She even gave me the "you were right" response I was looking for. I'm kind of an ass.) Everything looked perfect!

No, that's not a peanut, it's a baby.

And to top it off, I feel pretty decent today. Like night and day from yesterday. Seabands are back to being my friend.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Notes from a Wednesday.

1.) Fuck nausea. I've had it with this already. I know that I am supremely lucky to not actually be vomiting, but damn, this sucks.

The SeaBands are not doing the trick anymore. So, I am trying Meclizine, which is basically Dramamine. I do feel slightly better, and feel if I took one more (which is fine since you can take up to two in a day) I'd be feeling stellar - but they cause drowsiness. I am tired already due to growing another human. Now I'm a little more tired due to a sleepy medication. To take one more would be like saying "It's totally cool to pass out at your computer at work. Just rest your head on the spacebar and all will be well." Zzzzzz...

2.) We've suddenly scheduled a trip back home to see my grandmother this weekend. If you read my other blog, you'd know she's not doing well. She's been in the hospital since Monday, due to nausea and pain associated with her cancer. My aunt and uncle and a cousin are all flying home to be with her this weekend. It just seems like the right thing to do. What sucks is that I know she knows what this means. We just went through these same motions less than a year ago with my aunt. When everyone rushes home, it's not good.

On Monday I gave my mom the go-ahead to tell my grandma the good news about the baby. I was so worried about her passing before I could tell her - I just wanted her to know. I plan on bringing her a picture of her great-grandbaby when I come home. Maybe it'll help her pull through.

3.) The super sensitive sniffer is now in full force. I can smell BO in my workroom suddenly. This guy never stunk before, and now...VOMIT CITY.

4.) The BO smell and my nausea are causing me to forget that our first u/s is tomorrow! I need to focus on that.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

First "official" appointment.

I've got a knack for being in the lady toilet when they call me in the waiting room. The two times I've gone to this clinic and left a urine sample they've called me mid-stream. Perfect timing.

In any case, my first official appointment went well. The nurse was really nice, and we went through all the questions, blood work and bs-ing you can do. I officially chose MIDWIFE, and set up my next appointment (after my u/s on Thursday) for April 10th, where we'll get to hear the baby's heartbeat.

I'll get results in the mail from this appointment, and if anything is weird, they'll call to let me know.

Now, bring on Thursday!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

7 weeks.

Again with the bloat. And this was after a deuce. Insane.

How far along? 7
Total weight gain/loss: According to the doc yesterday, +1.
Maternity clothes? They arrived! I'm only wearing the maternity lounge pants from Target now though.

Stretch marks? No.

Sleep: Still okay. Boobs make it kind of hard to get comfortable. And stomach doesn't usually like it when I shift from one side to the other. Back sleeping has ruled.

Best moment this week: Getting the all clear from the yeast infection!

Movement: Nope.

Food cravings:
Chinese food (fried rice, mostly), bananas.
Gender: I'm still wishing girl but thinking boy.

Labor Signs:
Belly Button in or out?
What I miss: Feeling normal. Hot, hot baths.

What I am looking forward to: Thursday! First ultrasound!!

Weekly Wisdom:
People are none the wiser with seltzer and a lemon at the bars.
Deciding on going Midwife!

I think I'm going midwife.

Well, I had my follow up appointment this morning regarding the land of yeast - and I passed with flying colors!

The Midwife I had today was John. I will admit, I was a little leery about having a man take a gander at my junk. It's been years since I had a male OB. However, I loved him. He was so kind and thorough - and just an overall wonderful person! I'm now convinced that I want to go the route of a midwife and not an OB. :)

Here's the TMI part. You may choose to not read if you don't want to read about cervixes and endometrial cells. Skip down to the stars below if you're grossed out.

He basically said that I have a lot more endometrial cells on the outer edge of my cervix. Those cells are flimsier and tend to bleed more easily. So, he said he assumes that all it took was that applicator hitting it and blammo - lots of spotting. He also said that explains why I tend to spot after sex. And the icing on the cake - he said my cervix is tilted. I guess most people's sit at about 10 o clock when lying down, but mine is more like 12 o clock. But he did the recheck and all my yeast cells are gone. He said my pH is a little less acidic than they'd like, so I may be prone to more infections in the future, but for now everything is good.

So, needless to say I learned more from him in 15 minutes than I have in the past 15 years about my body.

I also chatted with him about spilling the beans. We discussed my LMP vs my real due date, and "to get the date correct" he suggested an ultrasound. So, Thursday morning we can actually see the little bee! SO EXCITED. After I get confirmation at that appointment, we're going to start telling people. He warned that you're really not fully in the clear until about 10-12 weeks, but I'm willing to take the chance. (He said that I'm definitely on the lower end of the risk scale for miscarriage.)

So, that's that! My appointment tomorrow is all about blood work and peeing in cups and talking about histories.

I cannot wait until Thursday!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

About to have my seltzer in a highball.

We're about to go out for a friend's birthday. Only my second "night on the town" since the BFP. I'm tired, bloated, and totally fine with staying home. But, alas, we shall go out. I don't know how long I'll last, but I'm giving it my all.

"I'll have a seltzer in a highball with a lemon, please. Hold the vodka."

No spotting today. Seems the culprit may have indeed been the dreaded treatment. We'll see what tomorrow holds.

Seabands are still holding strong.

All seems well in the land of baby bee.

Friday, March 20, 2009

We'll find out Monday...

...what the deal is with my spotting.

Well, here I am a week after starting the treatment (which I am now finished with) and I'm still spotting. No cramping, but it's a little concerning.

The nurse I spoke to today seemed a little concerned as well and agreed I needed some peace of mind. She wanted me to take the weekend to see if the spotting cleared on it's own now that the treatment is finished.

So, Monday morning I'm going in to have them check my cervix and see if I possibly have a bacterial infection or if something else is going on. If there's no infection present, she said I may get an ultrasound to check everything out, make sure there's no other issues.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My reminder for the day.

Just because I've been focusing so much on the "10%-20% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage" statistic...I'm turning it around.

80%-90% of all pregnancies result in a baby!

(I like thinking of those odds much much better.)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dear SeaBands...

If I wasn't already married and bearing my husband's child - I'd totally do all of that with you.

You're the greatest.


That dreaded feeling again.

Although I am still firmly planted on the schooner of seasickness, I once again have that nagging feeling like something's awry in babyland. I think this is mostly centered around wanting to tell people REALLY BADLY and also knowing that I more than likely will not be getting any sort of visible or audible confirmation that things are peachy for maybe a few more weeks.

Having minor bleeding occasionally isn't helping much, although the MW and nurse at my clinic insist that it's normal with a yeast infection. I'm just wondering how I'm going to handle being that close to an ultrasound machine and not get the confirmation I so desperately want at my appointment on Tuesday.

The hubs isn't coming with me either, which sucks. He's getting a crown put on later that afternoon and apparently can't afford to lose the time off. He says he'll come to future appointments, but I'm kind of sad now. I already feel like crying because of it. I'm scared I'm going to get bad news that day and then he won't be there to console me.

Go away bad thoughts, go away...

Monday, March 16, 2009

6 Weeks.

Hello bloat baby!
(and yes, that would be a cat's ass walking through the photo. Internets, meet BooBoo.)

How far along? 6 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: +1lb from last week
Maternity clothes? I bought some. A shirt & dress from OldNavy, and some comfy pants from Target.

Stretch marks? No.

Sleep: I've suddenly started to prefer sleeping on my back, vs on my left side which was customary before the BFP. This is just strange to me. Although, I do wake up on my side occasionally.

Best moment this week: Not having a bladder infection. Worst? Having a yeast infection.

Movement: None. Not even in the bowels.

Food cravings:
Chinese food.
Gender: We've officially decided on waiting until birth for this one. And I'm thinking boy.

Labor Signs:
Belly Button in or out?
What I miss: BEER. Holy crap do I miss beer.

What I am looking forward to: Mostly being done with this "treatment." And also the 1st appt.

Weekly Wisdom:
What feels like a bladder infection could very well not be. And spotting is NORMAL with a yeast infection.
Not doing jack shit but feeling HORRIBLE on Sunday. And first visit to the new clinic.

Called the doc.

Well, I called the doctor today about the red spotting I've been having. Here's how the convo went:

Me: Hello - would it be possible to speak to a nurse?
Receptionist: Yes, what is this concerning?
Me: I had some spotting this weekend that was bright red, I have a yeast infection and I'm just about 6 weeks along.
Receptionist: You know, we have nurses on call during the weekend. You should have called yesterday if you've been bleeding.
Me: (panicking) Uh, well, it's really just been spotting, I haven't been bleeding.
Receptionist: Yes, but you should and can call on the weekends for this sort of thing. Let me transfer you to a nurse.
Me: (totally panicking)

Nurse: Hello! What can I do for you?
Me: (reiterates what happened over the weekend)
Nurse: Oh, that sounds pretty typical - you can get pretty irritated with a yeast infection. I'm sure it's fine, but I'll check with a doctor and call you back later just to be safe.
Me: (finally breathing) Thank you.

(She called back to say the MW agreed, but to call if I'm still spotting after the prescription is gone.)

So, sounds like everything is okay, although I'm having to wear a damn pad because of this prescription "cream."

Work is fine today. I told a female coworker that works in my little "room" that I'm in. It was weird. She congratulated me, but actually saying out loud "I'm pregnant" is the weirdest of all time. I let her know since I feel like ass most days and that I felt like she needed to know since she's managing the project I've been working on.

First appointment - one week from tomorrow. I finally canceled the appointment with my old NP. I felt bad. :) But aside from having to wait until FOREVER to be seen last Friday, my first experience at the new clinic was good. Not to mention it was like, a 10 minute straight shot from my house, and is also right next to the hospital I'll be delivering at.

Also - items I purchased at OldNavy.com this weekend.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A certain reader should take note...

...that this would be FABULOUS at a certain baby shower. :) You know who you are!

(This was posted on 1st Tri.)

Mom to Be Cosmo

Sparkling, a little tart — pure refreshment
Tip: Adjust the juice-to-sparkling-water ratio to suit your taste buds.


½ cup calcium-fortified cranberry juice
¼ cup pineapple juice
¼ cup sparkling water
1 Tbsp fresh lime juice
Lime wedge, for garnish


  1. Combine all ingredients except lime wedge. Add ice cubes. Garnish with lime wedge.

Makes about 1 cup.

Nutritional Information

  • 1 serving = 90 calories
  • Vitamin C: 1½ servings
  • Calcium: ½ serving
  • Green/yellow fruit: ½ serving

So THAT'S spotting. (TMI...FYI.)

After this morning, I'm realizing that my prior concerns about spotting were lame in comparison to the issues I had today.

Last night was 2 of 7 that I have to use the dreaded cream and it's less than desirable applicator. I was moving quickly to get 'er done as it was 1:00am and I was needing to be asleep. I'd had some cramps on and off all evening and just wanted to get some shut eye. So, needless to say I was a little less than gentle "taking my medicine." (I kind of scraped the wall of my vag with the thingy.)

This morning, our doorbell rang at quarter to nine. The hubs and I were sleeping - and I realized I had told the previous owner to come over and pick up some mail & packages delivered for him (nevermind we've been living here over a year). So I fly to the door, then run around trying to find the package. I finally give it to him and he starts up a convo, and all of the sudden I start to get black around the edges and my hearing starts to go. I keep talking and then excuse myself, say goodbye and sit my arse on the couch.

It was a close call - but sitting down stopped it from happening. Although I started in on the sweats and thought I was going to barf. Then I realized all this time running around was no good for the medicine downstairs and ran to the bathroom.

There was a pretty decent amount of spotting. Like, maybe I should call the doc spotting. And then again when I went later. No cramping this morning to go with it though, and it has since stopped.

Like, honestly? I had no idea I would be this stressed about this little bean so early on. I plan on telling the nurse when I go in for my first appointment in a week about the spotting - maybe they'll give me some peace of mind and check it's HB or something just so I know everything's okay. It's just killing me not knowing.

(the bloat and boob issues should be reassurance enough...but, no.)

Friday, March 13, 2009


So I went to the doc for what I thought was a bladder infection. I was wrong. I have a yeast infection.


So, now I get to use the dreaded "cream" for SEVEN DAYS.

Thanks, Friday the 13th. You didn't fail to live up to your namesake.

And now, apparently my innards are not pleased with the combination of McDonalds and Chinese food.

At least it flew out the back end and not the front.



Today has been my first full week back at work since vacation, and the BFP. It has officially been THE LONGEST WEEK EVER.

Yesterday I won the award for "most fatigued woman in the office" so I rewarded myself by leaving work early, going home and sleeping for 90 minutes. It was fabulous.

Today I have been blessed with AF-like cramps that I am not trying to think about. I'm running to the lady-toilet every 20 minutes making sure nothing is going wrong. I can't wait until I don't have to feel this worry all of the time. (Although I'm sure I will continue to worry always.)

This weekend, it's supposed to be around 50 degrees. People will be wearing shorts and acting a fool because of it. I am SO opening up windows in our house to air that shit out. I am also going to attempt to drag the hubs to BRU just to peruse. We'll see if that happens. I'm sure I'll get a "it's way too early to go there" speech from him. We'll see. I might spark the waterworks to get my way - should my hormones cooperate.

**edited to add: I have very light pink discharge. Not to mention I feel like I might have a bladder infection. This is going to be a long day.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dear intestines: Make up your mind. Thx.

In a mere 48 hours, I've gone from nearly shitting my pants to no movement AT ALL. Thanks pregnancy! I've only ever suffered from the big "C" once. It was not pretty.

In non poop news...I made an appointment at the clinic that utilizes the hospital we want to go to. I feel bad not seeing the NP I've been seeing for YEARS for my first appointment, but it seems like I should start out at the clinic right off the bat. Oh well.

This new clinic has the choice of seeing a set of doctors or midwives. GREAT. Another decision. I had always assumed doctor, but now I don't know. Le sigh.

Also - I'm pretty much going INSANE not telling anyone about the babe. I REALLY REALLY want to wait, but not telling is almost killing me. I'm going to have another chat with the hubs tonight and see what he thinks. I'm tired of lying and having this great news and not being able to share it with anyone!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The reveal to the inlaws.

I don't know if I'll keep this up forever, but I'll post it for now.

Telling the in-laws from jenna bee on Vimeo.

See below for an explanation of wtf is going on in this video. :)

Get out of my head, you bad thoughts, you.

For some reason today, I'm overcome with thoughts that something is wrong and this baby won't be born. I can't stop thinking about it. I mean, I still feel effed up and that's good, but I feel like I'm going to go to that appointment in 2 weeks and they're going to tell me that there's no heartbeat or that something is awry.

I can't shake it either.

I suppose everyone feels this way once in a while while pregnant, but I wish I could make it go away.

5 Weeks.

Uh, holy bloat...Batman.

How far along? 5 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: minus 2 lbs.
Maternity clothes? No. Although after sweating non-stop for the past 3 days, I'm wondering why polyester maternity clothing is even allowed.

Stretch marks? No.

Sleep: Aside from my kitty being a dickhead, been sleeping well. VERY weird dreams though.

Best moment this week: Sleeping in on the weekend. (I wish every day was a Sunday.)

Yes. Plenty of it in my bowels.
Food cravings:
Gender: I haven't even thought about it. I'm kind of not letting myself think about it.

Labor Signs:
Belly Button in or out?
What I miss:
Feeling like I'm on solid ground and not on the deck of a yacht in stormy seas. (urp)
What I am looking forward to: That first appointment! (2 more weeks...)

Weekly Wisdom:
Read my post below - get over pooping in public restrooms. Just get over it.
Nearly crapping my pants. Not a good milestone.

Monday, March 9, 2009

I need to get over this.

I wouldn't normally post twice in a day, but this was too - dare I say funny? - not to share.

This morning, my breakfast included a slimfast shake (I have like, 4 left, I'm just trying to get rid of them), a bagel and half a smoothie.

Suddenly, out of the blue, I get a cramp. No, not the ute stretching cramp, but the OHMYGODIMIGHTCRAPMYPANTS cramp. I quickly get up and shimmy to the bathroom in the boots that make my feet kill, only to see that someone else is in there.

Let me pause this story to tell another. I have some issues with public restrooms. Such as, I hate it when the bathroom is empty aside from me and people pick the stall RIGHT NEXT TO ME. Dude - there's like 4 others to pick from. Why you gotta pick the only one next to me? I also cannot, uh, clear the pipes - so to speak - with an audience. I just can't. It grosses me out when others do it, and I can't imagine putting anyone else through that situation.

So, imagine my dismay when I see someone's feet in a stall. Fine, I think...I can just take care of my ever-full bladder and then wait patiently. So I do so, the other woman exits, and I begin to take care of business. I begin to realize I'm in it for the long haul when someone else walks in. Uh...GET OUT RIGHT NOW. I'm pretty much injuring myself at this point trying to contain myself. I begin to wait not-so-patiently again, and someone else walks in. GOD DAMMIT. I wrap things up, wash my hands...and start to shimmy to the other bathroom on our floor. There's a "unisex (private) bathroom" across from the women's room, I try it, it's locked. DAMMIT. THAT is what I need. Some quiet time alone. Instead, I enter the women's room.

I get in, it's empty, I unzip, and someone walks in.

I start to think "I'm pregnant, I need to get over this. This won't be the last time" but alas, I cannot do it...and at this point I'm pretty sure I'm going to have a horrid accident, in my William Rast jeans no less. I wrap it up again, and attempt the unisex restroom across the hall and it's open. THANK GOD. I am now vowing to always attempt this restroom first. It was like my own little slice of toilet heaven.

I write this in hopes that I am not the only one in this situation, and also in the hopes that at some point I can look back and laugh at this scenario. Today was a close call. A very close call.

Zzzzzzz....SNORT...WHAT?! I'm awake, I swear!

Okay, first off - I want to make it blatantly clear that I really DO love Daylight Saving time. Getting home from work and having another 2 hours of daylight is freakin AWESOME.

HOWEVER, I did not care for waking up this morning and having it not get light for ANOTHER HOUR. This whole situation led me to staying in bed with my hair in a towel until 7:40. No bueno.

I cannot WAIT for Spring/Summer though. I'm sick of scarves and jackets. Mexico made me miss my flippies.

In uterus/gote news - the nausea I was feeling on Friday is gone (for now) - I felt relatively good all weekend, aside from a couple belly aches after eating and total fatigue. Oh, and my boobs. They're ridiculous. They're veiny and huge. I'm pretty sure I'm on the cusp of a D cup, since I'm already spilling out. This is ridiculous. That would make me a 32D. What am I , some sort of porn star?

We told the hubs' parents Friday night. It was pretty awesome. We showed them pictures of our vacation, and towards the end there's a picture of a cake one of the restaurants made for us that says "Congratulations Future Baby" (gotta love the translation weirdness happening there) and when we got to that picture, we just leaned back. His mom kept reading it (not getting it) and finally his dad was all "Are you guys having a baby?!" and his mom squealed for about 20 minutes. It was pretty rad. We told his sister the following night the same way. She's the first person to seriously cry. And then of course, I cried like a baby. Yay hormones!

And, I think I might be telling one of my girlfriends soon - just because she recently had a baby at the same hospital we'd like to go to, and I need a doc recommendation, stat.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Belly pic & 4 week update. Shield your eyes.

Since I'm behind with this, I'll start here. I'm stealing this little questionnaire from BlairBear, hope you don't mind, deary. Excuse the half naked pic - we were still in Mexico & just got back from the pool! I promise future ones will not include such skintastic horror.

How far along? 4 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: Even-steven since I'm just starting out.
Maternity clothes? Not wearing any, but will admit I own one dress.

Stretch marks?
Sleep: Sleeping well. Who wouldn't with the ocean in the background?

Best moment this week: Seeing the positive pregnancy tests!

Uh, no.
Food cravings:
Gender: I have no clue. I still can't wrap my head around the fact that I'm knocked up.

Labor Signs:
Belly Button in or out?
What I miss:
Drinking. Already.
What I am looking forward to: Getting through the next month or so safe and sound!

Weekly Wisdom:
None. I'm at a stunned silence.
This is just the beginning!!


First official day back in the office since vacay and the bfp.

I may vomit on my keyboard.

I feel like my eyes are floating in a sea of the gallon of water I've already drank today.

This is going to be a long, long day.

Also, the hubs has decided we should tell his parents tonight, so, we're doing that. I'm really wanting to keep this a secret from our friends for as long as possible.

That's all for now. I need to concentrate on not barfing for the time being.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

And...I'm back.

The traveling yesterday was annoying, especially since I left warm, sunny beaches and landed to 6 inches of snow that weren't here when we left, but I'm back.

I'm also "working from home" today which means BOTBing and doing laundry. I just ate a plate full of eggos in my jammies. THIS is the way to work, people.

I called and made my first appointments, at 8 weeks and 12 weeks (but really 7 & 11 because they don't care about ovulation "technicalities"). Thing is, I don't think I'll be keeping the 12 week appointment. I don't think I want to stick with the clinic/hospital my RNP was at. I love her to death, and if she could deliver my baby, I'd be all over it. But if I have to start with someone new, I may as well start at a clinic/hospital I like. Right? Right.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"The Bump" is dumb...

...and had me thinking I was 5 weeks. No, no, dear "Bump," I am 4 weeks. Some people don't ovulate on the 14th every month.

So...I retract my prior statement about the apple seed. I think I'm at poppy right now.


Still not sinking in.

I took the digital this morning. It wasn't a CBE one, but a FR. But, it said "YES +."

I told my parents last night, much to the husband's disagreement. I couldn't not tell them though. The tequila has been flowing steadily since we got here, and we were supposed to go zip-lining today, and I figured I shouldn't. But, I'm okay with them knowing so early. If anything were to happen, I would want them to know. They're like my best friends.

In "WTF is going on with my body news," my boobs hurt more now than I ever knew possible. I slept in a sports bra last night, and dread having to be without it in the shower.

But I'm so stoked. I'm pregnant.

(It feels waaaay to weird to type that.)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Yup, still knocked up.

I took another hpt, just to be sure. Still pregnant.

So, so strange.

I've saved my last, the digital, for tomorrow morning.

13dpo, 5 weeks


BFP. No way. It really happened for us the first month trying? 


Yep - it's there. A faint line. I don't need to squint to see it. It's there.

Holy shit.

Apparently, I am 5 weeks pregnant today. 

Someone tell me the tequila and beer for the past 4 nights will have no effect. PLEASE.

(also...pssst - little bee, you're the size of an apple seed today.)

(holy crap, I'm growing something the size of an apple seed.)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

And then there was spotting.

EXTREMELY light and pink in color...but there.

I feel like horse-shit when I'm not lying down and my boobs need to knock it off with the hurting. AF like cramps are here. This might just be the beginning of the end.


My boobs could not possibly hurt anymore than they do right now.

They almost hurt more lying down than standing. 

Ow, ow, ow.

Something please happen already. (I'm talking to you, AF.) 

I only have 2 FRERs and a digital left here in Mexico. I really want to test again, but I'm going to try really hard to wait. Maybe tomorrow. And again before I leave Wednesday if the beast isn't here yet.