Wednesday, June 3, 2009


So, after a convo last night with my mom about how bad my registry was (3 packages of pacifiers and 6 jumper/swing/chair thingys and NO CLOTHES?!)...I added a bunch of essentials, that I...quite frankly...didn't know how essential they were.

In any case, she reminded me how I was going to need socks and hats and all sorts of "keep baby warm" things right off the bat, and couldn't really wait to get gender specific stuff! So, suddenly I'm obsessed with baby hats and keep warm items.

So today, I bought these items.

Baby Legs are the item of the day on - they have a bunch of cute designs...and I determined these four pair to be the most gender neutral...athough something tells me the hubs might question the rainbow ones. W.

I also purchased this hat from Esty seller Cite Fuzz - SO CUTE. And just like all the hats this kid's daddy wears ALL THE TIME. :)

Seems gender neutral as well, right? Right. (Just agree with me.)

Must stop.


  1. Okay so i'm not usually a fan of crochet (as much as I want to be) but OMG I LOVE THAT HAT!! So cute!! Definitely adding that seller to my baby folder.

    The only thing we've bought so far is a onsie in chinatown, SF that had babies sign (ox) on it. I'll probably start buying things after our 20week appointment, maybe then it will seem more real/close. Right now November seems about 3 years away.

  2. Baby jenna is a boy 100% no doubt in my mind. lol- I know that doesnt mean much. The stuff you picked out for the most part looks boyish. I love that Hat! Froot's girls have some too I think.

  3. Oh my gosh, that stuff is so cute!!