Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This will be random.

I'm going through a weird time with this pregnancy...filled with odd anxieties and excitement. Maybe it's just par for the course at this point in the 9 months...but yeah...freaking myself out.

I have this irrational fear that something is wrong. That I'm somehow leaking amniotic fluid or that the baby has developed some weird issue. Do I have anything to back up these feelings? No. Not really. I'm thinking it's mostly due to the insane amount of braxton hicks I'm having and the fact that I haven't technically seen the baby for 2.5 months. I'm all worried that I'm going to go into labor like, tomorrow. Again...unfounded. I'm worried that my belly doesn't seem to have gotten any bigger in the past couple of weeks.

I don't have another appointment until the 17th. I don't know if I can wait that long to have someone reassure me that everything looks okay.

In other, less stressful news - our first birthing class is at 6:30 tonight. HOLY CRAP. And the baby's room is coming along quite well. Still waiting to take some more pictures until a couple more prints have been hung.


  1. I'm sure it's compeltely normal to have these anxieties. Pretty soon, aren't you also supposed to start having dreams of birthing a half-baby-half-unicorn too? I'm sure as long as the nug is hiccuping and kicking away, heshe is throwing a party in there.

  2. Hi, I am a reader but haven't commented yet. I am about 27 weeks and hit the same sort of fear/horror/everything is wrong place recently. Its hard because people just kept reassuring me, but that didn't keep me from assuming that there is NO WAY my body could be actually doing this whole baby thing well. My best assurance is movement, as long as the little one keeps wiggling that is good. A moving baby is a healthy baby. So maybe that will help you through, but otherwise. Call and see if you can get into hear the heartbeat. I am sure your OB would be understanding!