Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cervix Status.

My appointment didn't exactly answer too many questions, but I'm pretty sure my cervix did change over the weekend. This is basically what the MW said in a nutshell.

She said that there's two layers (or openings) to the cervix, and that she was able to get a finger through the first but the second was closed. She said I was soft but thick, and the baby was at -3. She said she would expect to see this kind of cervix in a woman that was more like 34-36 weeks along. (The MW I saw on Thursday seemed to imply that my cervix was right where it should be for a 30 weeker.) So, I don't know if I am officially dilated, but I have another appointment early Friday morning where I will get checked again. She thinks I have an irritable uterus, or something of that sort. Baby was good, heart rate in the 140s...ute was measuring on track.

Since I pretty much just sit at my desk all day, she said she wasn't recommending bedrest, but if I have a lot of contractions in the evening or morning before work, that I should probably stay home.

So...still, no drastic measures, nothing alarming, but they're definitely keeping a stronger eye on me. It's all just annoying now.


  1. Hmm, for what it's worth, with my last two pregnancies, I dilated to 4-4 1/2 cm 5 weeks before my due date. I know that's still within the range your MW said, but my Dr. thought that I would go any day with a cervix like that but I was 11 days late with my daughter...

    Keeping you in my thoughts...

  2. I've heard the "irritable uterus" diagnosis since 22 weeks this time around. I call it GUS - Grumpy Uterus Syndrome :) I was on bedrest from about 30 weeks on with numero uno; and she stayed cooking until 38 weeks!

    Also, when I read about your birthing classes and the paranoia lessening, it made me think of my birthing motto ... "My body is meant to do this, and I have to trust it." (I promise I am not a super freak or anything like that - it really did help for my mindset to be trusting and positive!)

    Best wishes to you as you reach the 8 month mark :)