Friday, September 11, 2009

Cervix status, again.

And, best pre-birthday news ever - nothing has changed! Still not dilated, but soft, thick and closed.

The midwife I saw today said just keep doing what you're doing and continue to relax as much as possible. I have another appointment in a week with John the Midwife to get checked again, but I'm still feeling pretty good and optimistic that everything's going to be fine and I'll probably go overdue in the end. :)

To celebrate, I day dreamed about a Sausage Biscuit from McD's on my way to work this morning. And, instead of indulging in what might have been nothing short of a food-gasm, I had a blueberry muffin and a cup of fruit.

(I'm not scurred to admit that discussing the Sausage Biscuit is making my mouth water. BADLY.)

And in totally different news, the hubs and I have OFFICIALLY agreed on a boy name. For real this time. It's settled and set in stone, as far as I'm concerned. Now to work on a girl's name. And sorry to say, but along with the sex of the baby, this one will also be a surprise for the big day. Lo siento.

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  1. I have been craving sausage biscuits, too. Except I gave in. LOL. And congrats on settling on a boy name! We settled on a girl name quickly, then he was a boy and that took some time. I'm also happy everything is still okay cervix-wise. :)