Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A recap of 4 days of couch laying.

Well, the obnoxious news that I tested positive for fFN was enough to put me on lots of rest, even if my midwife said "just don't do anything out of the ordinary." After talking to my mom & the hubs, we all determined that my "ordinary" is way more than most people's (I can't sit still anymore) so, I did a lot of couch and bed laying...and a little bit of walking around. The result? Lots of morning contractions (timable to nearly 3-5 minutes apart at times) and evening cramping...which was at it's worst on Friday night, and had another bout of on Saturday night. It's kind of scary- the cramping feels like menstrual cramps, but it radiates into my upper legs (which I read in What to Expect can be a sign of pre-term labor). The Midwife on call on Friday night recommended a bath and going to bed. It was 8:30pm. So, I took a bath and reassumed the position on the couch. I felt better.

Overall, the weekend was mostly without alarms, but I'm totally on high-alert and it sucks. I was able to get in today to get checked again to make sure nothing is happening, no progress is being made (instead of waiting until Friday which was the earliest I could get in before). That will ease my mind. I'm pretty hopeful that I'm not dilating...but if I AM, I want them to start intervening NOW. I can't go the next 7-9 weeks worrying daily that any contractions or cramping are dilating me and putting me more at risk of pre-term labor.

Good news is, the baby seems to be okay through all this - still moving and hiccuping like normal. I'd still wish they'd take a peek inside via ultrasound so I could get that reassurance as well...but I'll take what I can get at this point. Well wishes and prayers are still being accepted! I'm hoping I don't need them. :)


  1. Hey-- I've been reading your blog for a while now and wanted to extend my thoughts and well wishes to you... I am definitely thinking about you and appreciate the updates!

    My blog is set to private, but if you'd like to see who's been blog stalking you for the last several weeks, email me @ heidimomeidi@gmail.com and I'll add your email addy as a reader to my blog. I'm also pregnant-- a full 9 days behind you-- and really like your blog and that we're due so close together.

    Hope all goes well today!


  2. I get really strong menstrual cramp-like feelings sometimes, and they extend to my hips/upper legs/butt/lower back. Eeeek! I told the doctor about the cramps, which he said was normal, but not that they radiate out. I'm going to have to mention that!