Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm making the move.

...back to my old blog space.

Some of you may be familiar with it. I had a blog prior to this one called Blogged Bliss. Once I found I was pregnant (or trying to be) I started this blog so I could keep it a secret from all friends and family. But, now that the secret's out, I'd kind of like to go back home, so to speak.

I IMPLORE you to join me again - only this time at Blogged Bliss. All of my blog posts here have been moved so you won't be missing a thing! If anything, you get to read my posts PRE baby, including the insanity of getting married and buying our first house. And, if I do say so myself, I kind of think it's prettier. (Although still a work in progress.)

This blog will exist until Valentine's Day. Then all new posts will be found over at Blogged Bliss.

Thank you loyal readers! Follow! Subscribe! Vote! Pants on the ground!

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