Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm choosing to blog over showering.

I'm sure I'll regret that decision this afternoon.

Anyway, Abby is sleeping soundly in her bassinet, and I'm back to being alone during the day. My bestie A was here for FIVE WHOPPING DAYS over the weekend and I miss her terribly already. She was so much help...and so much fun! (A - move here. DO IT.)

Other than having visitors, not much is going on. (Warning, poop talk fast approaching.) Abby's on a good schedule of pooping every other night, so that's good, I suppose. She's eating a lot and getting a little chubby in the cheek area. I also noticed she's getting some awesome eyelashes, so I think we can add another tick in the "mommy trait" column.

Speaking of mommy...I'm exhausted. I get through the days okay, but it's getting more and more difficult to be a smiley mommy. I'm not so much depressed, just totally wiped out. The hubs has promised me a couple nights of real sleep this weekend, and I cannot effing wait. I think it'll make a huge difference. I don't know if our weeknight routine is working. Maybe this is just what people do in the first few months...daddy sleeps more since he's working and momma just turns into a zombie that forgets to brush her teeth and lives on Slim Fast shakes because they're easy. What do/did you do during the first few months to survive?

Luckily, the hubs and I scored on the H1N1 flu mist last week (thanks, Chris!) so, at least I don't have to worry about getting that. I have a feeling I'll be getting a cold or something soon with the little amount of sleep under my belt. Fingers crossed I don't.

And finally, a week from today, Abby will be taking her first trip back home with us. Five hours in a car with a 4 week old baby. Am I insane? Oh well. I can't WAIT to go home. It's been a long time.  And TURKEY!


  1. Zombie Mommmy usually last for the 1st couple of weeks. I learned to sleep when she was sleeping. I still do that now. :)

    We took Olivia to NC (a 7 hour trip) at 5 months and she did fantastic. I think being 4 weeks old would be great. She'll probably just sleep the whole way.

  2. Oh, sigh....I miss you guys so much! A move is definitely in the forefront of my mind, believe me.

    As for sleep, I obviously don't know anything about raising a newborn, but I would just say hang in there. Take more naps. Learn to love coffee. much as you may hate it, I'd venture to say some workouts would help. Endorphins = free happy drug.