Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ack! Stranger comment!

While grocery shopping and browsing the ice cream aisle, a fine gentleman told me:

"You'd better feed that big belly of yours!"

PLEASE PLEASE tell me I look pregnant. If I just look fat and some dude says this, I'm going to curl up and die.

This was towards the end of my shopping. Before I even got in the store I was told that I have a "fine pussy."

I'm never going grocery shopping alone again. I think this has just become the hubs' duty.


  1. Did this happen to take place at the Rainbow on Lake and Hiawatha??

  2. Indeed, Ms Felicia, indeed. I can only assume Cub is a step below. It does not get much more ghetto than that Rainbow.

  3. You know, we could all tell you if you just look fat or pregnant if you would post a freaking picture! :)