Sunday, February 22, 2009

How bout a real post?

My plan of not telling anyone we're TTC has officially failed.  And I hate myself for it.

To be fair to myself,  I only told my two best girlfriends. And a friend who just had a baby 3 months ago. I told all of them to keep it to themselves and if they ask me "are you pregnant yet?" that I would swiftly roundhouse kick them into the closest wall. 

I finally see how much the 2ww sucks. I mean, I understood to a point...but the overanalyzing every little twinge and worrying and anxiety? That I wasn't prepared for. In my head I've turned into one of the newbs I hate..."omg - my pee smells funny, could I be pregnant? Oooo, now my throat's sore!" Yuck.

Anyway, FF is saying my "test date" is March 8th. There's NO WAY I could wait that long. AF should be here Thursday or Friday of this week. I plan on testing Thursday morning, before we leave for the airport for Mexico. I also plan on shoving 2,397 tampons and tests into my suitcase. I don't want to be under-prepared for either outcome.


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