Saturday, February 28, 2009

BFN, again.

My body is fucking with me.

Only twice in the past year have I made it past 11dpo without getting my period. TWICE.

And here I am, with no spotting or anything at 11dpo, and no sign of it coming.

At this point, I am welcoming my period. I have no inkling of hope this will result in a BFP.

I hate you, body. Thanks for toying with me.


Crabby McCrabberton.
On a side note, I'm pretty sure the 2ww must have steps - like, hope, excitement, crabbiness, loss of hope, and eventual acceptance.

Glad to know that I've moved through all of them. Maybe I'm missing a few.

Maybe I shouldn't give up. Like I said in a few posts below, FF says I should be testing a week from tomorrow. But WTF is that? If my period is THAT late, and I still got a BFN I might dive off a cliff. Luckily for my loved ones, we'll be back from Mexico by then so it won't be so easy.

I'm not testing again until Wednesday. But I'm pretty convinced AF will be here before that. Besides, my temp went down today. That can't be good.

Le sigh.

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  1. I know this is way late, and you are already pregnant (our EDD's are only 1 day apart!), but I wanted to let you know...on your first cycle TTC, FF puts your test date at 18DPO...that's why yours was so far away. It's crazy. They do that until they can get an average of your cycles to be more accurate.